At 247 Lighting, we offer an extensive array of Vehicle Safety solutions, including Wired and Wireless Reversing Camera Kits, DVR Reversing Camera Kits, Monitors, Cameras, Audio Warning Alarms, and Mirrors.

Our premium-quality Vehicle Safety products boast a wide range of features. Standard camera features include High IP ratings, Automatic infrared night vision, Wide angle viewing, and Multiple mounting options.

Experience crystal-clear visuals with our full-colour display monitors! Our selection of monitors includes wired and wireless options, High-Definition models, Split Screen functionality, and Mirror Mount designs ranging from 4.3” to 10” in size.

This year we will see the introduction of AI Reversing Camera Kits to our Vehicle Safety range. AI Reversing Camera kits boasts advanced features such as object recognition, real time detection and alerts for vehicles and pedestrians.  They provide a higher level of safety, functionality, and convenience for vehicle operators, making them an excellent investment for both personal and commercial vehicles.  View page 3 of our NEW Vehicle Safety Brochure to find out more. 

Discover the full range of Vehicle Safety offerings from 247 Lighting by downloading your copy of the Vehicle Safety Brochure.

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Download your copy of the 247 Lighting Vehicle Safety Brochure here to stay updated with our latest products.