No matter the time of year, there always is need for high powered lighting and the work lamp is one of the most utilised lights on your vehicle.  There are a lot of factors to consider when replacing or upgrading, such as size, illumination, power consumption and mounting to name a few.

247 Lighting’s EXPLORER Range is a collection of high standard products with powerful and effective levels of illumination using the best LED quality, aiming to improve visibility for day and night working; they are compatible with both 12volt and 24volt electrical systems. This range is fully encased in a die cast durable aluminium housing to keep them safe from any dirt and moisture damage and have outstanding proven quality for each product. Their strong housings
are lined with up to 16 high powered LED’s giving you anywhere from 3000 up to 11000 bright clear crisp lumens while being protected by a tough and durable poly-carbonate lens.

For safe, versatile and reliable connections each EXPLORER work lamp includes an integrated Plug-in Connector that allows an easy cable to cable connection and once sealed it gives a high degree of protection from the elements.

The modern oval design of the CA5751 will improve the appearance of any vehicle.  This robust, corrosion resistance lamp offers 3100 lumens and pulls 39 watts of power slightly less than the CA5746 which stands out from the rest.  This 6” lamp has a rotatable mounting bracket allowing the lamp to be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions and the function to rotate the lamp up to a 35 degree angle.  The only 4” square work lamp, CA 5752, in this top quality range has a staggering 16 LEDs distributing 4150 high intensity lumens.  CA6170 is the most powerful of the EXPLORER series hosting 7 CREE LED’s and giving an incredible light output of 11000 lumens.  The 6” Work Lamp can improve visibility by illuminating the largest of areas with its intense light output. 

This range certainly has superior quality with the most up to date LED technology and built for any type of vehicle .