247 Lighting supports Farm Safety Week 2019

2019 marks the 7th annual Farm Safety Week in the UK & Ireland aiming to minimise the risk of accidents and injury on farms.

This year’s campaign is: Save Lives. Think Safety – Farm Safety.

Machinery & Vehicles are the most common factor in fatal farm accidents and are responsible for 50% of all farm deaths with many more serious injuries.

According to the Health and Safety Authority all agricultural vehicles must be fitted with proper lights and reflectors and must be in good working order. Tractors must be fitted with two headlamps, two side lamps, two rear lamps, two reflectors, brake lamps and number plate lights.
Trailers too must be fitted with side lamps, rear lamps, stop lamps, indicators and number plate lighting.

247 Lighting’s tips on Farm Safety: 

1. Take care when reversing farm machinery and trailers. Consider fitting a
    reversing camera.
2. Ensure the lighting on tractors and trailers are visible when travelling on
    public roads particularly checking that the lights are undamaged, all in
    place, clean and working.
3. Conduct regular inspections and maintenance on all farm vehicles.
4. Turn off work lamps while driving on public roads.
5. Complete jobs in a safe manner. Stay alert and vigilant at all times.
6. Always tell someone where you will be working and have that person
    check up on you.
7. Work safer in the dark. Bright lighting is a must. Use adequate farm yard
    lighting, install work lamps on farm vehicles and carry a hand torch.
8. Keep children away from farm machinery and moving vehicles and never
    let unaccompanied children on the farm.
9. Install hazard lighting as an important safety function to signal a warning
    to others.
10. Be patient - No shortcuts – No excuses.

hen choosing lighting for your farm machinery 247Lighting recommend using lighting systems with LED bulbs. LED bulbs are vastly superior to halogen, lasting over 13 times longer while using 85% less energy than halogen bulbs. LED’s are the longest lasting most energy efficient lighting available today. They are shatterproof, shock resistant and have no brittle filaments unlike the extremely sensitive halogen bulb. 

Whether you need to replace our upgrade your lighting check out the links below for LED lighting suitable to your farm machinery vehicles.